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On top of a newly built building next to the Huangpu Old Shipyard, CROX meticulously designed the "Natural Park" with eternal flowing lines and high-quality materials based on aesthetics, creating a simple, pure, and elegant office space that is naturally comfortable.





Form and Function


The design was initially conceptualized with two distinct usage scenarios in mind. The first area is oriented towards the Huangpu River and features a dynamic visual style.





Here, the free-form curves were introduced to break away from the original square tower structure and create a variety of social spaces. The interplay of curved walls opened up the space, offering visitors a unique and visually stunning experience.




On the other side, the primary workspace features a static visual style, with a rectangular entrance and clearly defined flow throughout the meeting and office areas. This communicates a sense of stability and orderly development.




Light and Shadow

由日出到日落,人们的工作与生活随着时辰切换 ,理性与感性间相互流转,赋予材料不同明暗属性,具有多重的意义。

From sunrise to sunset, people"s work and life switch with the hour, flowing between reason and emotion, giving materials different attributes of light and darkness, with multiple meanings.






he delicate grating design divides the white arc surface and cleverly hides the door panels, adding more subtle levels. The complete arc forms a bright and smooth feeling in the daytime, while the straight line grating forms different light and shadow changes at night.



The binary nature is suitable for activities day and night, and adds many fragments of memory to life.



More and Less


This is a space with multiple fields, and because of its different properties, it provides personalized designs, allowing people to play ball while working, do yoga while discussing business, and work while having discussions.



The diversified scene is also a minimalistic design, with fewer decorative and flashy surfaces and fewer noisy and complicated shapes. The small inner garden has only grass, trees, water, and sky, presenting the extraordinary simplicity of ordinary life.



Designer Lin Congran integrates the essence of everything, and with elegant Eastern aesthetic art, redefines the integration of life and work, creating an unforgettable emotional experience and achieving a breathtaking encounter in the sea, field, and sky.












设计单位:CROX 闊合 www.croxgroup.com




Project name: Round nature

Project address: Shanghai

Building area: 2171㎡

Design unit: CROX www.croxgroup.com

Design team: C.R. Lin, Li Bentao, Duan Meichen, Bao Yuqing, Fang Yining, Li Benjia, Wan Ruojia, Huang Peigeng, Zhu Yihan, Zhao Wenhui, Chen Can, Liu Yue, Ma Yaqing

Building materials: White water texture stone, diatom mud coating, white grille, black marble, black walnut, pink marble, indoor planting

Space photography:ingallery



RIBA 英国皇家特许注册建筑师

米兰Domus Academy建筑与都市设计硕士


林琮然,CROX闊合创始人&设计总监,RIBA 英国皇家特许注册建筑师,毕业于意大利米兰著名设计学院Domus Academy。擅长跨界设计,作品跨足城市规划、建筑、室内 、家具,策展和艺术品创作。他“前卫自然”的设计风格和人文情怀,不断的实践了想象的无形和有机,将设计的艺术性和功能性完美结合,为生活创新。

自创办闊合以来,先后获得WAF世界建筑节、AMP美国建筑师大奖, 英国LICC, 法国DNA, 意大利A" Design Award, 日本JCD,韩国K-Design等国际知名大奖。于2016年建筑艺术和学术界最具影响力的意大利米兰三年展和威尼斯双年展,平行展區策展人。


CROX Founder & Design Director

RIBA Chartered Membership

Master of Urban Management and City Design, Domus Academy, Milano, Italy

Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chung-Hua University, Taiwan

C.R.Lin, CROX Founder & Design Director, graduated from Domus Academy, Italy. He specializes in crossover design, projects contain masterplanning, architecture, interior, furniture design, extending to exhibition curator and art work creation. His avant-gard design philosophy brings design expands from the artistic feeling towards the conversation between humanism and nature. We bringing the intangible and organic imagination to achieve new life experiences.

Since CROX was founded in 2008, we have won multiple world famous awards like World Architecture Festival, American AMP, UK LICC, France DNA, Italy A" Design Award, Japan JCD, K-design Awards. Our completed project Liyang Museum and Chengdu Jingkai White Building have been widely spread by all the world-famous design media, such as Domus, ArchDaily, Wallpaper* and designboom etc..


In CROX we believe design expands from the artistic feeling towards the conversation between humanism and nature. We bringing the intangible and organic imagination to achieve new life experiences.



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